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Shelving upgrade in Newark



Staff loading newspapers on to new shelving at Newark.

The overflow collections that are housed in SAL-Newark have had a significant shelving upgrade. Late last year, SUL Facilities initiated a project to relocate and repurpose shelving that was originally purchased for the overflow warehouse set up during the SAL3.2 buildout. The shelving is not only almost new, but also much deeper than the original Newark shelving, and thus better able to accommodate the newspapers housed in Newark. The deeper shelving allows for a much more efficent layout, with both increased shelving capacity and wider aisles.

The shelving upgrade project was planned by Larry Dahl and managed by Marina Verdian.  Thanks to their efforts, the project was completed in just four months. The materials shifting and site inspection required in this project were significant, and completion in that timeframe shows exceptional focus on their parts. Thanks to both of them for a job well done. 

By Mimi Calter

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