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Branner 100: William Smith Map bicentennial celebration



A Delineation of the strata of England and Wales...

The William Smith Map at Stanford, 1815-2015; Bicentennial Celebration at Hartley Conference Center
Mitchell Building 101
Tuesday, March 31 • 4pm - 6:30pm

As part of the 100 days until 100 years: Branner Earth Sciences Library celebration event series, please come and celebrate 200 years of the William Smith Map. This map is considered to be the first national
geologic map.

View this enormous map approximating 10 ft. by 6 ft. and its accompanying memoir.

Hear from Dr. Gail Mahood, Professor of Geological Sciences about the historical context of the map and how it laid the groundwork for modern geology while establishing important principles underpinning the theory of evolution.  Jens-Erik Lund Snee, Geophysics graduate student, will present geologic maps made by him and GES Stanford alum '11 Nicholas Van Buer.

Hear from Deardra Fuzzell, Cartographic Technology Specialist, on how the map was digitized at Stanford University Libraries.

Public welcome. Refreshments served!

The flier for the event is here.

For more information, please contact G. Salim Mohammed or Hannah Winkler.

by G. Salim Mohammed

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