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Meyer Library demolition FAQs



Meyer Library demolition site

In an effort to assist in getting information out about the Meyer Library Demolition, the project team has put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are there any hazardous materials remaining in Meyer Library?
All regulated hazardous materials, including asbestos, were removed prior to the start of demolition activities and all required clearances were obtained through Stanford Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S).

2. Is the dust being caused by the demolition safe to breathe?
The dust being generated by the demolition activities is mainly from non-hazardous concrete and native soils on the project site.

3. What is being done to mitigate dust infiltration into surrounding buildings?
State and federal air quality regulations require on site dust control measures such as watering down the building and debris during demolition and EH&S has been monitoring the site to ensure compliance. In addition, debris is also being watered as trucks are loaded and all truck loads are covered before leaving the site; prior to the start of demolition ventilation air filters were changed on all surrounding buildings.

4. Meyer Library demolition siteShould I be wearing ear plugs when I pass by the site?
Intermittent exposure to the noise levels on site do not require ear protection, however, the project has provided ear plugs to all surrounding buildings for the comfort of nearby occupants. In addition, on particularly noisy days, ear plugs have been available upon request at locations around the site.

5. When will the demolition be complete? What about Dead and Finals weeks?
The above ground building structure is scheduled to be down by 3/6/15. The project will shut down during dead and finals weeks and demolition activities will start up again on 3/23/15. At that time, onsite concrete crushing will begin and is currently scheduled to last approx. 20 days.

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