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Miller Library battles against termites



Miller Library termite tented

The Miller Library has been battling termites for many years, using spot treatments whenever termite frass was found. Unfortunately, the frequency in using spot treatments had increased to the point that it became necessary to tent the entire library for fumigation.

In preparation, all food and plants had to be removed. Also, everything had to be opened up. It is amazing how many cabinets, desk drawers, filing cabinet drawers, etcetera there are in the library. Tenting was also a challenge given the tile roof. Tenting started Friday morning and was removed on Monday morning.

Miller Library map drawersMiller Library card catalog

On Tuesday, we put out bug traps, which we hope will remain empty for some time to come. Still to be done is replacing any roof tiles that were broken in the process.


By Joe Wible, Hopkins Marine Station

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