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A Halloween zombie challenge




STUDENTS!!! What celebrates Halloween better than ZOMBIES?!
    EDUCATORS!!! What celebrates Halloween better than ZOMBIES?
        LIBRARIANS!!! What celebrates Halloween better than ZOMBIES?!
           STAFF!!! What celebrates Halloween better than ZOMBIES?!

WHEN: Friday, October 30, 1-4 pm
WHERE: Green Library, Media & Microtext Center
WHAT: Call of Duty Black Ops II, Bus Depot Zombie Op (Xbox)

                     HOW MANY ROUNDS CAN YOU SURVIVE?! 

Green Library will once again host a Zombie Tournament in the Media & Microtext Center. This is an opportunity to build relationships between students, staff, instructors and librarians, as well as it being a fun way to introduce students to Green Library’s media resources.

As is the tradition, Dr. Kathleen Tarr of the Program in Writing and Rhetoric (PWR) will hold simultaneous office hours, but every member of the Stanford community is welcome and encouraged to come play; Dr. Tarr is the current leader with 7900 points, and we're looking for someone to dethrone her!

In the past, this particular session also had a stress relief component as well as allowed students to get help with their PWR assignment from their instructor, in a fun atmosphere. It also allowed students to meet librarians in a relaxed setting and build rapport. Hopefully, this will reduce any anxiety when approaching librarians for assistance at the Information Center Desk.

The students can meet with their instructor just like they would for regular office hours. However, unlike normal office hours, it will be located in Green Library. While students wait, they can battle zombies with librarians and staff, in Call of Duty Black Ops II, Bus Depot Zombies on Xbox.

See more at Zombie Battle & PWR office hours in Green Library

Contact: Felicia Smith, Head, Learning and Outreach

By Felicia Smith & Dr. Kathleen Tarr

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