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SUL Rosette

The university is conducting a staff engagement survey between October 12 and 30, 2015. I’d like to encourage you to participate if you have not completed the survey already.

The survey results will be used to drive strategic planning and decisions related to the workplace, both locally and institutionally, for years to come, as they will reflect the collective staff experience and show what is working well and what needs improvement.

Results are reported in aggregate only; if there are fewer than five responses in any work group, results are “rolled up” to the next level of the organization to protect anonymity. When it comes to demographics for “self-identify” questions such as the length of your commute or your gender, if there are fewer than 20 responses, those will be “rolled up” to the next level of the organization to protect anonymity.

We are interested to see the broad themes that surface, both within our school [or VP area] and across the university. I hope you’ll be part of this initiative by sharing your feedback, and if you have already done so, thank you for participating.

Refer to your email invitation with a ‘from’ email address for the URL and login information. CEB is the third party managing the survey and reporting the aggregate results.

Catalina Rodriguez
Director, SUL Human Resources


by Catalina Rodriguez

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