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Glen McLaughlin California as an Island maps come to Stanford



California as an Island

Branner Earth Sciences Library & Map Collections is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Glen McLaughlin Map Collection, the largest privately held collection of maps showing California as an island. The collection has been scanned and will be available through Searchworks and the collections pages. Take a look at the following links to find out more about this impressive collection.

Work on scanning, cataloging, purchasing, and promoting the collection started nearly four years ago. Over 30 people helped along the way and are listed here in thanks for their hard, dedicated work on this project. What a joy it is to work with so many talented people.

Zachary Baker
Tony Calavano
Melody Chan
Peter Chan
Doris Chang
Herve David
Joanna Dyla
Morgan Elmore
Tracey Erwin
Chris Fitzpatrick
Deardra Fuzzell
Adan Griego
Laura Hansen
Cynthia Haven
Andrew Herkovic
Susan Horsfall
Jane Ingalls
Michael Keller
Peter Kim
Sonia Lee
Salim Mohammed
John Mustain
Michael Olson
Matt Pearson
Robert Rohrbacher
Bob Schwarzwalder
Barden Shimbo
Stu Snydman
Ben Stone
Vitus Tang
Roberto Trujillo
Wayne Vanderkuil

by Julie Sweetkind-Singer

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