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SULAIR News retired – make way for the new SUL “News” page!



Effective today, October 31, 2012, SULAIR News is officially retired!

The SULAIR News site at will still be available for archival purposes. You will still be able to access and perform search queries on the SULAIR News site as well as have access to the back-issues link (also located on this site) to view the various editions/aliases of this staff bulletin; however, please do not use this site to submit articles.

For current Library news, visit SUL’s News page at The News page can be accessed from this direct link, via the “About” drop-down menu located at the top of the SUL website pages, or by selecting “News” from the bottom menu of the SUL website pages.

The News page will still feature articles on current events and exhibits, significant acquisitions, new and/or interesting collections or e-resources, new projects or project updates, and many staff announcements. Since this page is more public facing, some staff announcements will need to be sent through the email list instead of being posted on the News page. If there’s a question as to which communication route is best, please contact the News page editors at All SUL staff and current SULAIR News subscribers will still receive a weekly email each Wednesday that lists the linked titles of the SUL News page articles.

Content Creators on the new Library website are encouraged to submit articles to the News page by, logging in to the SUL website (, choosing Content -> Add content -> News, and filling out the News form. (Please refer to the Content Creation Guide for general guidelines on creating content on the SUL website, paying special attention to the new, News section of the guide.) Specific instructions for submitting articles and filling in the News page form are attached below as a pdf.

Those who are not current content creators will need to submit articles (and any images, including image caption and credit) directly to the editorial staff via email to: Articles will be published usually within 24 hours of receipt.

Welcome to our new News site:!

Instructions for submitting articles to the new Library website’s News page (pdf)

by Kelly Fields

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