Parking and Transportation Services


New Caltrain Go Pass distribution event on Dec. 11

400 Mitchell Lane is near the Palo Alto Caltrain station

P&TS will be closed during the winter closure

Order online by Dec. 15 for January permits to avoid long lines at P&TS on Jan. 4

Winter closure holiday transit service

Limited Marguerite service; most Bay Area transit operates on Sunday schedules Dec. 25 and Jan. 1

Limited parking enforcement during the holiday

Those planning to cancel January permits must return them by Dec. 18 to avoid being charged


Stanford's First Roundabout on Campus Drive and Escondido Road

Platinum Bike Award

Stanford’s bicycle program wins Platinum for another four years.

Stanford's First Roundabout on Campus Drive and Escondido Road

Navigating campus roundabouts

As new roundabouts open on campus, remember to slow, look, yield, and proceed with caution.


Stanford Perimeter Trail

Stanford Perimeter Trail updates

  • Parking spaces added along Coyote Hill Road
  • Bike improvements include bike corral and green lanes

Where to find the latest updates

Tour buses: Reserve a space

All campus tours and visits that are not organized by Stanford must reserve a tour access time slot and comply with Stanford’s protocol.