100% Wind, Water, and Solar (WWS) All-Sector Energy Roadmaps for Countries and States

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Roadmaps to convert 139 countries of the world to Wind, Water, and Sunlight (WWS) for all purposes

100% clean and renewable wind, water, and sunlight (WWS) all-sector energy roadmaps for 139 countries of the world (summary paper)(xlsx-spreadsheets)(Change of CO2 Upon Implementing WWS)(Transition timeline to 100% WWS)

(% of 2050 WWS installed as of 2014)(Wind installed as of 2014)(PV installed as of 2014)(CSP installed as of 2014)(Hydro installed as of 2014)(Geothermal installed as of 2014)(Tidal installed as of 2014)

Graphics by The Solutions Project / 100.org

Graphics by National Geographic

Graphics by Stanford University

Dec. 5, 2015 Video summary for COP21 of 139-country and 50-state roadmaps plus grid reliability study

Roadmaps to convert the 50 United States to Wind, Water, and Sunlight (WWS) for all purposes and grid integration study showing 100% reliability of a 100% WWS U.S. system

A low-cost solution to the grid reliability problem with 100% penetration of intermittent wind, water, and solar for all purposes (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2015) (link)

100% clean, renewable WWS all-sector energy roadmaps for all 50 United States (Energy and Environmental Sciences, 2015) (summary paper)(state-by-state infographics)(pptx-WWS-map)(xlsx-spreadsheets)(FAQs)

Testimony to House Committee on Energy and Commerce about 50-state plans, 139-country plans, and grid integration study, November 19, 2015 (pdf)

100% WWS all-sector energy plan for New York State (Energy Policy, 2013) (pdf). Response to commentary (pdf)

100% WWS all-sector energy plan for California (Energy, 2014) (pdf)(xlsx-spreadsheets)(news summary)

100% WWS all-sector energy plan for Washington State (Renewable Energy, 2016) (pdf)(xlsx-spreadsheets)

100% WWS all-sector energy plans for the world and U.S. as a whole (link)

Link to papers addressing grid intermittency with WWS (link)

The Solutions Project and 50-state, 139-country graphics (link)

National Geographic article and graphics on 50-state plans (link)

The Solutions Project video (link)

Tommy and the Professor animated cartoon (link)

April 25, 2015, 350, Siena Heights University, Adrian, Michigan, WWS (video)

November 3, 2014 VERGE, San Francisco, WWS (video)

February 24, 2014 TEDx Palo Alto WWS (video)

February 18, 2014 Interview about WWS on Thom Hartmann Show (video)

February 15, 2014 Powerpoint slides from American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting (pptx)

October 9, 2013 Interview on Late Show With David Letterman (video)

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