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Borrowing Policies

The library has an extensive collection available for your research- and work-related needs.

Current Stanford faculty, students, and staff have full borrowing privileges. Research assistants supporting Stanford GSB faculty may obtain a proxy card in order to borrow from the library.

We extend lifetime courtesy privileges to Stanford GSB alumni for their personal and professional advancement.

Other visitors, including Stanford University alumni and members of other businesses and organizations, may apply for a fee-based library membership.

The library may revoke or suspend your borrowing privileges if you abuse them. All library material is subject to recall at any time, even if charged out for a longer period.

Nontransferable Privileges

Exercise your borrowing privileges personally; transferring your card for use by others is a serious violation of library rules. One exception: A proxy may borrow on behalf of a faculty member upon presenting a Stanford University Libraries proxy card. Proxy cards are issued at the Privileges Desk at the Green Library.

Returning Materials

Return or renew library material on or before the due date. During business hours, return charged-out material to our library via the appropriate slot at the i-Desk. Charged-out materials should not be left on counters, tables, or shelves. When the library is closed, return charged-out material using the outside book drop located near the Bass Center entrance.

You are responsible for library material until you return it to the library. Do not lend library material to another person.

Return all material when away for an extended period of time so that it is available for use by your colleagues.

Return all library material and pay all outstanding charges prior to your official date of departure.

Library Fees

Pay fines and other charges for library material as stipulated by library rules.

Renewals and Renewal Limits

All material except for reserve items can be renewed up to three times unless it has been recalled. Note that renewal limits vary by item type and borrower type. Once an item has reached the renewal limit, it must be returned to the library. You can renew your charged-out library material (except for reserve items) by:

Recalls and Holds

A recall notice establishes a new due date for a charged-out item. When material you’ve charged out has been recalled, you must return it on or before the due date specified by the recall notice.

All material is subject to recall at any time. You may request a recall on charged-out material in SearchWorks or in-person at the i-Desk. You will be notified when recalled material has been returned and is available for charge-out.

You may request a hold on library material in SearchWorks or in-person at the i-Desk. If you request a hold on material that has been charged out, the material will be held for you when it is returned to the library. Holds on charged-out material do not truncate the existing due date.

Hold requests for circulating reserve material may be placed at the i-Desk. Your hold priority is forfeited if you do not respond within 15 minutes when the item becomes available. The library does not accept advance reservations for reserve items. Hold requests do not carry over to the following day.

Disclosure of Borrower Information

Circulation records are confidential. However, if an item is checked out, and a member of the Stanford University community needs to verify information in or about the item (e.g., a citation or quotation), library staff may disclose the borrower’s name to that individual (unless the borrower has filed a request for nondisclosure).