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Activities and Organizations

As a Stanford GSB student, you are part of the greater Stanford University student body. That means you can participate in all extra-curricular programs, organizations, performances, and forums available that make the Stanford student life a richer experience.

Stanford GSB Student Organizations

Student-initiated clubs provide students with channels to address issues most relevant to them and offer opportunities to further develop their leadership skills.

Clubs invite speakers from companies and organizations, engage the community in awareness and service activities, and build connections that complement classroom learning.

Adam Smith Society
The Adam Smith Society seeks to stimulate and promote discussion and debate of free market economics and policies with Stanford Graduate School of Business community and the broader Stanford community through large speaker events, smaller dinners, and lunches with guests, as well as social events.
Africa Business Club (ABC)
ABC's purpose is to raise awareness of African business and cultures; promote discussion of economic, political and social issues in Africa; encourage the school to seek more students from Africa; provide a platform for students interested in careers in Africa to meet with employers; and encourage development of case studies.
Arts, Media and Entertainment (AME)
AME strives to increase awareness in the arts, media and entertainment arenas through education and professional opportunities, network-building with alumni and industry representatives, and showcasing the creative talent and artistic diversity within the Stanford GSB community.
Asia Business Student Association (ABSA)
The ABSA aims to unite all Stanford GSB students who are from Asia, of Asian descent, and/or interested in Asia from a cultural or business perspective under a common organization. ABSA will promote social integration, rewire Asian stereotypes and bridge the communication gap between Asians and the broader class, and help students explore Asia-related career opportunities.
Basketball Club
The Basketball Club aims to enrich the student community at Stanford GSB by creating a positive basketball community — composed of a diverse group of students within Stanford GSB. In pursuit of these goals, the Basketball Club actively seeks to appeal to a broad range of Stanford GSB students; promote and coordinate basketball activities within Stanford GSB including: intramurals, tournaments, and ongoing basketball activities within Stanford GSB.
The Stanford GSB Big Ideas Club disseminates, discusses, and debates ideas that can transform our world. These may be 5 years away or 50, they may be unproven or inevitable, but all are united in their potential to change lives, industries, and institutions.
The purpose of BizKids is to provide Stanford GSB families with a friendly and supportive community. We strive to connect these families by offering fun and educational activities for kids and their parents to enjoy together.
BizPartners is a social organization formed to facilitate the transition to life at Stanford for the spouse, partner, or family member of a Stanford GSB student.
The BBSA serves as a support network for Black MBA, MSx, and PhD students. Membership is open to all Stanford GSB students interested in cultural and professional issues that affect African-Americans.
Catholic Student Association (CSA)
CSA is committed to fostering a spiritual element within Stanford GSB. We coordinate religious and social interaction amongst Stanford GSB Catholics, extending from weekly mass and prayer sessions, to BBQs, talks and other social events.
Center for Social Innovation Impact Labs
Each year up to five students serve as Impact Labs student leaders. Those students are selected by the Center for Social Innovation through an application process in spring.
C4C is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1984 by a Stanford GSB student whose sister had Down's Syndrome. Its mission is to encourage philanthropic involvement and school unity through a competition of nine West Coast business schools, primarily to benefit Special Olympics as well as one other local charity for each school. The volunteering and fundraising efforts culminate at C4C Weekend, where the nine schools compete in a sports competition held each spring at Stanford.
Christians in Business (CIB)
CIB provides a forum for people interested in Christianity to discuss and debate religious issues and build community through social events and activities.
Class Gift Committee
The Class Gift Committee is responsible for the campaign to raise funds for the MBA class gift, in partnership with the Stanford GSB Development Office.
The MBA and MSx Communication Programs promotes communication excellence by providing coursework, coaching, and a breadth of resources to help students speak and write more effectively. In conjunction with the staff leadership team, the group helps to shape and define the program and its offerings.
Data Insights Club
The Data Insights Club is committed to raising awareness and developing a perspective on the emerging role of data and inference in society for Stanford GSB students. We try to foster and facilitate an interdisciplinary perspective that will help students understand the techniques used to create value today (and in the future) as well as understand the role of these techniques in shaping new management and decision practices.
Education Club
The Education Club brings together students from Stanford GSB and the Stanford Graduate School of Education to engage with leaders in the field, discuss current education issues (ranging from school reform to higher education), and connect through networking opportunities.
The Energy Club seeks to become the center for energy-related interactions at Stanford GSB by bringing together students, faculty members, and guests to explore issues impacting the oil and gas, wind energy, solar energy, fuel cell and power sectors, as well as energy security and the environment.
Entrepreneur Club (E-Club)
E-Club provides exposure to mentorship and networking opportunities with outside business owners and builds relationships between Stanford GSB and the entrepreneurial community in Silicon Valley.
Epicureans @ the GSB (E@T)
E@T is a club for people who are passionate about cooking and food! E@T members regularly enjoy themed small group dinners, cooking lessons from classmates and professionals, "behind the scenes" tours at local restaurants, and gourmet food tastings.