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Milbrey McLaughlin receives honorary doctorate at University of Gothenburg. (Photo courtesy of Milbrey McLaughlin)
Milbrey McLaughlin receives honor in Swedish ceremony steeped in tradition
The skyline of Newark, N.J.
Stanford History Education Group is helping the city to honor its 350th anniversary.
Henry "Tom" James celebrating his 100th birthday. (Photo courtesy of the James family)
Former dean Henry "Tom" James is credited with bringing interdisciplinary research to GSE.
Webinar for prospective students
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Interdisciplinary preparation to conduct rigorous research, relevant to educational policy and practice.


Intensive programs in K12 teaching, technology design, international studies, policy, leadership, and more.


Honors and minor programs for courses and research in the field of education.

GSE professors bring the latest advances in the social sciences, technology and teacher preparation to the field of education. Their scholarship is deepening our understanding of learning while changing policy and practice.

Hilda Borko
Ira Lit
Ari Y. Kelman
Eamonn Callan
Christine Min Wotipka
Roy Pea
Ray McDermott
Susanna Loeb
Paulo Blikstein
Mitchell Stevens
Bill Damon
Maren Aukerman

Anthony Muro Villa III

PhD program in Curriculum and Teacher Education (CTE)

Anthony Muro  Villa III

“My classmates have valuable ideas and ask questions that are difficult to answer. They have supported me in my transition from being a teacher to being a student again.”


Leaders in practice, research and policy, connecting through Stanford, to promote educational excellence.