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Programs and Initiatives

Discovery Awards Program

Would the theory or concept underlying your research play out differently in a developing economy context, potentially informing existing theoretical constructs? Could the structure of certain developing economies provide unique opportunities to study a phenomenon? Can you imagine interesting intersections between your research and entrepreneurship, innovation, and growth of businesses in developing economies? Discovery Awards provide opportunities to explore these possibilities—to discover how to advance theories and concepts in your discipline while creating knowledge that could make a difference in improving the lives of the poor around the world. Discovery Awards offer funding for faculty-led activities (e.g., events, working groups, study trips, training sessions) intended to stimulate the discovery of novel research ideas around entrepreneurship, innovation, and the growth of businesses in developing economies.

» Discovery Awards Program RFP & Application

» For more information contact Daniel Zussman

Field Research & Poverty Alleviation Working Groups

Faculty and PhD students meet bi-weekly to: 1) discuss challenges and opportunities associated with conducting field research in developing economies, and 2) to share and discuss their work in-progress related to poverty alleviation and development research projects.

» For more information contact Daniel Zussman

Global Development and Poverty (GDP) Initiative

GDP is a university-wide research initiative of Seed in partnership with the Freeman Spogli Institute. The goals are to transform Stanford’s capacity for top-notch research and action relevant to improving the lives of people living in poverty around the world, to advance global development and to complement Seed's mission of stimulating innovation, entrepreneurship and economic development in developing economies. GDP offers two categories of faculty research awards and also welcomes the Stanford community to research panels held on campus. 

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Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Developing Economies Awards (I-Awards) Program

(Formerly named "EIDE Awards Program")

The I-Award program supports research that has the potential to advance general knowledge through the study of innovation, entrepreneurship, and growth of businesses in developing economies, particularly as they relate to the poor. Seed offers three types of I-Awards and fellowships: 1) Faculty research awards 2) PhD candidate research awards, and 3) PhD candidate fellowships. 

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» For more information contact Daniel Zussman

Value Chains Innovations Working Group

The goal of the Initiative is to advance knowledge and best practices related to value chain innovations that can spur greater value creation in developing economies. To achieve this goal, Seed encourages and supports relevant research projects, events, student projects, cases, and courses. We have supported projects ranging from the study of how global supply chains affect firms participating in international trade to an exploration of how re-crafting agricultural supply chains could create more value for farmers.

Visiting Scholars Program

On occasion, Seed will host visiting scholars from universities in developing economies. Their understanding of developing economy contexts can facilitate the discovery and testing of new research questions and ideas. We recently hosted a visiting scholar from The University of Cape Town.

Multi-disciplinary PhD Group

PhD students from across campus gather on a regular basis for guest speakers, to discuss others' research and present their own research. To sign up, contact us.