Peter Levine


General partner at Andreessen Horowitz (), lecturer at the Stanford GSB, and an avid ice climber and mountaineer.

Joined August 2011


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    2 May 2016

    “How Chris McCandless Died”: Jon Krakauer updates INTO THE WILD

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    1 May 2016

    The big spenders on R&D are investing for all of us < The right model in tech is to invest strategically, not Q by Q

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    1 May 2016

    Thanks for kind words - Great companies like are what really makes the EBC rock!

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    1 May 2016

    Don't get stuck picking your first language to learn. Here's how to choose:

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    1 May 2016
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    1 May 2016

    HPE and Mesosphere Simplify Container Management for Modern Datacenters w/ Open Source DC/OS (Technical white paper

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    1 May 2016
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    1 May 2016

    Youth unemployment. Greece: 48% Spain: 45% Italy: 39% France: 26% UK: 13.4% India: 13% Australia: 12% US: 10.3% Germany: 7.1% Japan: 5.2%

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    1 May 2016

    How companies can mimic the energy and ethos of via

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    1 May 2016

    Safely interact with MySQL through a web interface by installing phpMyAdmin

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    12 Jun 2015

    names as a Hot Enterprise Storage Company to Watch!

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    21 May 2015
  13. Retweeted
    18 May 2015

    " is very slick and you can use a variety of config agents" sessions

  14. 20 May 2015

    Excited to be part of series C: & their new storage product line

  15. Retweeted
    6 May 2015

    We are hiring! Join our team from UC Berkeley, Google, CMU, VMWare, Stanford etc. to create the future of storage!

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    1 May 2015
  17. Retweeted
    1 May 2015

    releases first products after $13M funding last year. for all?

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    17 Mar 2015

    We are hiring! RT : from on why we invested in Tachyon Nexus:

  19. Retweeted
    30 Apr 2015

    GitHub Enterprise comes to Microsoft Azure

  20. Retweeted
    30 Apr 2015

    Adatao Launches First Big-Data Products After Raising $13M Last Year via

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