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Summer 2015 — Health

In this issue, you will see an array of stories that capture the breadth of some of today’s knowledge about health. We examine what makes for healthy bodies, minds, workplaces, government and governance structures, and environment.

We’ve also zoomed the camera in to focus on health in its most concrete form: how to improve our medical system and the physical health of individuals in America and abroad. For example, we talked with economist Alain Enthoven on the strengths and weaknesses of the Affordable Care Act, and with emergency care physician Paul Auerbach about his work aiding those in need following disasters in places like Haiti and Nepal. We also consider competition and the application of business principles in medical clinics and hospitals.

You can find much more on this theme at the recently launched Insights by Stanford Business section of our website where stories are displayed across 17 different topics, including health care. Among them: a piece about M. Kate Bundorf’s research on what really drives medical treatment decisions, a discussion of Daniel Kessler’s research that shows that vertically integrated health care systems charge higher prices, and a look at the future of the Affordable Care Act.

At our digital home, we focus on key academic disciplines as well as themes such as social innovation and global business. If you find our stories and videos useful, share them with others and visit regularly to learn more. If you have comments, email us.

Michael Freedman, editorial director