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students at recruiting social event

There are many ways to connect with students via recruiting events.

The most appropriate method depends on your organization’s recruiting needs, resources, and eligibility requirements. After reviewing the choices, contact your Recruiting Relationship Manager for help in selecting the best option for your company.

Company Networking Nights

We host numerous events during the year to provide employers with an opportunity to build a brand on campus, market recruiting opportunities, and network with students.

Student Club Event Sponsorship

With career-related student groups in most functions and industries, companies can engage with students to promote recruiting opportunities, participate in learning events or conferences, and host student visits/treks.

Please note that most company hosted events must be sponsored by a student club. Please complete the Event Request Form, labeled Club Events, on the Recruiter Dashboard.

On-Campus Office Hours & Coffee Chats

Companies can work directly with their Recruiting Relationship Manager to host Office Hours or Coffee Chats. Office Hours will take place in a reserved study room. Coffee Chats can take place anywhere on campus, generally outside, often at Coupa Café, here at Stanford GSB.

Company representatives and students may prefer the more casual settings of Coffee Chats, but space for them will not be reserved. Employers can choose whether to structure these meetups so that participants will sign up in advance, drop in as they wish, or both.

Host an Off-Campus Event

Organizations are able to facilitate off-campus events without Stanford GSB sponsorship, but it’s always best to notify your Recruiting Relationship Manager about events you’d like to host, so we can advise if there is a scheduling conflict that could impact your event.