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Professor Andrzej Skrzypacz teaching a SIGM session
Professor Andrzej Skrzypacz teaching a session for SIGM.

All SIGM courses are taught by the same faculty who teach in the Stanford MBA Program. Our faculty members are among the top global leaders in business and will share with you their expansive range of experience, expertise, and insight.

Faculty Directors
Kathryn Shaw
Professor, Economics
Kathryn Shaw’s most recent research focuses on managing talent in high performance organizations.
Anne Beyer
Associate Professor, Accounting
Anne Beyer’s research interest is in the area of financial accounting with a focus on corporate disclosure, capital market prices, and corporate governance.

Featured Faculty

Below are some of the faculty who have taught in SIGM in recent years.

Jonathan Bendor
Professor, Political Economy
Lanier Benkard
Professor, Economics
Wesley R Hartmann
Professor, Marketing
Ron Kasznik
Professor, Accounting
David F. Larcker
Professor, Accounting
Brian Lowery
Professor, Organizational Behavior
Margaret Ann Neale
Professor, Organizational Behavior
Andrzej Skrzypacz
Professor, Economics
Sarah A. Soule
Professor, Organizational Behavior
Ilya A. Strebulaev
Professor, Finance
Seungjin Whang
Professor, Operations, Information & Technology
S. Christian Wheeler
Professor, Marketing