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Wildcat Dynamics Company (A)

Wildcat Dynamics Company (A)

Charles Bonini
2004|Case No.OIT79A

Wildcat Dynamics was an oil exploration company founded in 1955. The company had been quite successful in bringing in wildcat wells in various parts of the United States. In mid-2004, the company was trying to decide whether to drill on a parcel of offshore land in Louisiana. The lease had been taken out in 2002 in partnership with the Dallas investor group, but the company had been busy elsewhere until 2004. The lease would expire soon, so Wildcat had to decide whether or not to drill in the very near future. In this case, student use statistical analysis to determine how Wildcat Dynamics should proceed.

Note: The company, characters, and the quotations in this case, unless otherwise stated, are fictional and were created by the author. No reference is intended to any person.

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