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Welcome to eProtocol!

Four Modules
eProtocol is an online application used at Stanford to submit, review, and approve research. There are four modules in eProtocol:

IRB (Human Subjects)
SCRO (Stem Cells)
APLAC (Animal Subjects)
APB (Biosafety)

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Customized Views
You can view your protocols for any one module, or use the “My Dashboard” view to see all of your protocols in one place.

Getting to Your eProtocol Page
You can click on the tabs in the header of this page to jump to your eProtocol page.

Logging In
To login to eProtocol you’ll need a SUnet ID. As an investigator or admin contact, you will only be able to see protocols that you are listed on.

Online Resources
Please visit our online resources to help get started and answer any questions you may have:

News & Events: Find about our latest releases, and any upcoming changes.
Training: Web-tutorials and information for group classes
FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions
Contact Us: How to get help with eProtocol
eProtocol Biosafety: Information & Processes specific to APB