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Oct 9th Episode
Would You Help Sick Stranger Get Meds?
Sick customer can't afford the drugs she needs to survive: would you step in?
March 24th Episode
'Shopping While Black'
Would You Obey a Total Stranger?
Is This a Stranger, or Your Date?
Blind Date Gone Awry
Would You Help This Gay Couple?
March 17th Episode
'Child Bride's' Tearful Plea
Would You Stop a Hate Crime?
Part 1: ProPelage Power
Part 2: ProPelage Power
Will Kindness of Strangers Stop Theft?
March 10th
Public Hazing: Part 1
Public Hazing: Part 2
Aiding the Fallen
Birth Control? No Way!
A Momzilla Gone Mad
February 24th
Begging for Gas: Part 1
Begging for Gas: Part 2
Shoplifting with Kids
Cell Phone Etiquette
Teen Vandals: Part 1
Teen Vandals: Part 2
February 17th
Real Estate Racism
The Questionable Boyfriend: Part 1
The Questionable Boyfriend: Part 2
Driving While Disoriented
A Young Girl in Danger
February 3rd
Baby Locked in a Hot Car
Never-ending, Unwanted Flirtation
Berating the Nanny: Part 1
Berating the Nanny: Part 2
Dog Left Inside a Hot Car
Go Behind the Scenes!
John Quinones Answers Your Questions!
John Quinones Answers Your Questions!
The Making of 'What Would You Do?'
At Work With 'What Would You Do?'
Behind the Scenes: Homeless Attacks
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Ethical Advice
Author and educator Rosalind Wiseman answers viewers' questions.
Leader of Coalition for the Homeless says attackers see victims as sub-human.
Ethical Advice
ABC News' John Quinones shares America's heroes.
John QuiƱones
Q&A with John Quinones
Anchor shares secrets about the hidden camera show "What Would You Do."
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