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On view through March 15, 2016

Cocoon is the result of CEE32H: Responsive Structures, offered by Stanford Architecture.  This design build course focused on the structural and spatial possibilities of welded wire mesh, for the design of a contemplation space.  The installation encourages introspection and pause for students, passers-by, and visitors to the Anderson Collection.  The progression of arches provides a spatial transition from the campus into a more enclosed cocoon-like space that orients towards the sky.

The course is a cross-disciplinary collaboration including students from Architecture, Structural Engineering, Product Design, and Civil Engineering.  Students studied the structural capacity of 3 different densities of steel mesh. They explored how surface deformation (through warping, bending or folding) increased the strength of this everyday material.  Layering the material enabled longer span arches, while creating a complex visual experience from within.

Students drew inspiration from the Anderson Collection’s temporary exhibit, “Constructive Interference”, exploring how mesh and colored ribbon could create a layered filter to the site.  The ribbon, woven into the mesh, establishes a separate yet interdependent order while providing an additional layer of enclosure.  The colors fade from muted to bright yellow, mirroring a subtle transition from the natural to the manmade.  In different lights, the zones of ribbon either project forward as fields of color, or blend into the surroundings, acting as a kind of camouflage.

The course was taught by architect Beverly Choe from the Architecture Program, and structural engineer, Jun Sato, visiting lecturer from University of Tokyo.


Studio 2 is a portable art space constructed in September 2015 on-site at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve by Stanford students.  The studio was built from salvaged materials largely from scrap material available at the Jasper Ridge maintenance site. The 11 students were enrolled in David Szlasa’s Arts Intensive course “Tiny Eco Houses for Artists: Social Practice, Design/Build.”

Studio 2 is a creative space for students creating and curating art at Stanford, as well as for visiting artists at Jasper Ridge.   The studio brings together art and sustainability, both in its efficient use of space and its responsibly sourced materials.  Students register for four-hour residencies in the studio between March 2 and March 14. On Saturdays, March 5 and March 12, the studio will open from 12-3pm for drop in art-making activities for families of all ages!

Under the direction of artist David Szlasa and assisted by Bob Lake, and Spencer Evans, renovated by Cary Tronson, Jerry Hearn, and Steve Gomez, Studio 2 is making its debut here at the Anderson Collection.

Corinna Brendel ’18, Gabe Haro ’18, Selina Her ’17, Irene Hsu ’17, Ashley Y. Kim ’18, Soo Ji Lee ’16, Maia Paroginog ’16, Tori Parrish ’18, Marv Santos ‘15

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Studio 2 was made possible by funding from Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Stanford Arts Institute, and the Stanford Arts Intensive (VPUE) and through the efforts of Philippe Cohen of Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, Sarah Curran of Stanford Arts Institute and Gina Hernandez Clarke of VPUE.