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EPA Response to BP Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Oil Spill Response

In response to the BP oil spill, EPA monitored air, water, sediment, and waste generated by the cleanup operations. Ongoing response and restoration efforts are posted to RestoreTheGulf.gov.

While emergency response data collection has ended, results continue to be available on this site. Any new data will continue to be posted to this site, and data will continue to be available here for the foreseeable future.

Much of the content of this site continues to be available for historical and information purposes, but we are no longer updating these pages on a regular basis.

News releases related to the oil spill | Congressional Testimony


8/2: Second Round of Toxicity Testing Data
6/30: First Round of Toxicity Testing Data

Questions and Answers

Photos of EPA's Response to the BP Spill

Most Recent News

March 13, 2014: EPA and BP executed an agreement resolving all sus​pension and debarment actions against BP that barred the company from doing business with the federal government following the company’s guilty plea in the Deepwater Horizon disaster of April 2010. The administrative agreement will be in place for five years.​  Read the agreement (PDF)  (53 pp, 11 MB, about PDF).
November 12, 2010: EPA releases reports finding levels of dioxins created during controlled burns were below levels of concern.
September 28, 2010:
Obama Administration Moves Long-Term Gulf Plan Forward / Mabus recovery plan focuses on funding, governance, involvement / EPA Administrator to lead ecosystem task force

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