The Stanford Black Law Students Association (BLSA) is a student-run organization that strives to provide career and academic support for black law students, law students of color, and the greater law school community. We provide a space for students to engage with issues affecting our communities, through both discussion and service.

Our mission to support academic and professional achievement in our community is the guiding principal underlying all our activities. We directly support the academic achievement of our members through skills sessions, exam prep, and training.

We hold events with various law firms throughout the year in order to help our students become familiar with a wide range of careers.

We hold panels discussing the unique issues facing lawyers of color, including the legal hiring process, the culture at law firms, attorney retention, and diversity in the legal profession. Stanford BLSA coordinates social activities that successfully encourage closer bonds between its members and connect us to the broader black community at Stanford. In addition, we co-host social and academic events with other affinity groups at the Law School, and throughout the University. BLSA is committed to identifying and articulating the needs and viewpoints of black communities by hosting forums for discussion through our annual conference, and our discussion session program.

Finally, BLSA works closely with the Law School administration on minority student recruiting, retention, financial aid, and minority faculty hiring.The Stanford Black Law Students Association (BLSA) is a chapter of the National BLSA organization that includes more than 200 member law schools. All members of the Stanford community are encouraged to participate in our events.