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As part of Stanford's School of Medicine and the #1 Graduate School in Genetics, Genomics, and Bioinformatics (U.S. News), the Bustamante Lab is a powerful force for scientific innovation, collaboration, and change. We work on a variety of organisms and model systems ranging from humans and other primates to domesticated plants and animals. Much of our research is at the interface of computational biology, mathematical genetics, genetic anthropology, and evolutionary genomics, and focuses on developing statistical, computational, biomedical, and genomic resources for enabling trans- and multi-ethnic genome-wide association and medical sequencing studies of complex biomedical traits.  While our research interests are diverse and our educational and professional backgrounds varied, our research is generally focused in the following areas:  

  • Population Genomics and Global Health
  • Clinical and Medical Genomics
  • Ancient DNA

In the Spotlight

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Did you catch Lab P.I. Carlos Bustamante on PBS's Finding Your Roots, with Henry Louis Gates, Jr.? Do you want to contribute your DNA data to his groundbreaking study on Native American Ancestry? Email with your name, contact information, and relevant notes or call the Lab office at (650)725-5067 and leave a message with the same information. Your info will be recorded and you will be contacted as soon as study procedures for data collection are established. Thank you for your interest!