Event Information

Thank you for your interest in reserving our recreational facilities. Before completing the event information form, review the following pertinent information to guide you through the reservation process. If you have any questions, contact:

Two-Week Advance Notice

To process paperwork and acquire the necessary approvals, we require a minimum notice of two weeks. Any request not providing two weeks’ notice will only be considered if staff time permits. Large events rentals require a minimum notice of four weeks. Evidence of liability insurance is required for any non-Stanford University affiliated groups requesting space.

Special Note

This webpage does not include all of the department's policies and procedures. For department policies, visit the facility rental policy page. In addition, a copy of facility rules and regulations will be provided for your review upon receipt of a signed confirmation acknowledging your reservation.

Squash Reservations

To reserve a court time in the squash courts, please visit: Stanford Squash

Tennis Reservations

To reserve a court time, please visit: Tennis Court Reservations