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Stanford researcher declares that the sixth mass extinction is here

June 21, 2015

There is no longer any doubt: We are entering a mass extinction that threatens humanity's existence.

That is the bad news at the center of a new study by a group of scientists including Paul Ehrlich, the Bing Professor of Population Studies in biology and a senior fellow at theStanford Woods Institute for the Environment. Ehrlich and his co-authors call for fast action to conserve threatened species, populations and habitat, but warn that the window of opportunity is rapidly closing.

Annual Boething Lecture Presents: Nalini M. Nadkarni

April 22, 2015

Dr. Nalini Nadkarni is a Member of the Faculty at the University of Utah, where she teaches in the Biology Department. Her research is focused on the ecology of tropical and temperate forest canopies, particularly the role that canopy-dwelling plants play in forests at the ecosystem level.

The great tinamou is an evolutionarily-distinct bird that declines in farmland but thrives in tropical rainforest.

Diversified farming practices might preserve evolutionary diversity of wildlife

September 13, 2014

As humans transform the planet to meet our needs, all sorts of wildlife continue to be pushed aside, including many species that play key roles in Earth's life-support systems. In particular, the transformation of forests into agricultural lands has dramatically reduced biodiversity around the world.