Jon Krosnick

Since the mid-1990s, Jon Krosnick (pictured above) and the Stanford Political Psychology Research Group have been studying American public opinion about global warming.  By conducting a series of national surveys, regional surveys, and experiments, the group has illuminated the prevalence of various opinions in the nation, the dynamics of those opinions over time, the forces shaping those opinions, and the effects of those opinions on action.

The group’s findings have been disseminated via peer review journal articles and book chapter publications, news articles, press conferences, and lectures around the world.

This website offers reports of the research studies, video presentations by Dr. Krosnick, and news stories written about the work.

The Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford is very pleased to have sponsored this program of research.

Jon Krosnick is a Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment, the Frederick O. Glover Professor in Humanities and Social Sciences, and a Professor in the Departments of Communication, Political Science, and Psychology at Stanford University.