Stanford University

HCI design studio

CS 247 · Spring 2017

This class will deepen your fluency with design for interactive technology. You will engage hands-on in a design studio environment with expert designers, learning to critique and be critiqued by leaders who hold years of experience. Along the way, you'll learn advanced techniques for needfinding, rapid prototyping, visual design, and interaction design.

  • Ludwig Schubert
    Tuesdays 9–10am, Huang Basement
  • Aaron Loh
    Tuesdays 7–8pm, Huang Basement
Weekly schedule
Mon, Wed 1:30–3:20pm, Lathrop 282

Learning goals

Monday Wednesday
April 3

Class intro & Critique slides

A1 (Critique) out
April 5 due date

Needfinding slides

A1 (Critique) due
A2 (Needfinding) out
A2.1 (Needfinding Part 1) out
April 10

Sketching and Interactive Explanations slides

Reading Understanding Comics (Chp. 1-3)

April 12

Interviewing slides

A2.1 (Needfinding) due
A2.2 (Needfinding) out
April 17

Brainstorming slides

April 19 due date

Picking Prototypes slides

A2.2 (Needfinding) due
A3.1 (Prototyping) out
April 24

Parallel Prototyping slides

April 26

Rapid Prototyping slides

A3.1 (Prototyping) due
A3.2 (Prototyping) out
May 1

Work Day

A3.2 (Prototyping) due
A3.3 (Prototyping) out
May 3 due date

A3 Feedback

A3.3 (Prototyping) due
A4.1 out
May 8

Information Design slides

Sketch workshop slides

May 10

Grid & Layout slides

May 15

Color, Type, Gestalt slides

May 17

May 22

Presenting Design Work slides

A4.1 due
A4.2 out
May 24

Visualization slides

May 29

Holiday—No class

May 31

Guest lecturer: Shan Carter, from Distill

June 5

Final Presentations during class due date

A4.2 due
June 7

Wrap-Up Lecture