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Last updated: March 29, 2010

PDF of the complete University Faculty Handbook

NOTE: Stanford University reserves the right to amend at any time the policies and other materials contained in this handbook.

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Faculty Affairs Administration


Chapter 1. The University

1.1 Founding of the University and History of Academic Development

1.1.A The Founders
1.1.B The Presidents
1.1.C The Faculty
1.1.D The Schools
1.1.E The Students

1.2 University Governance

1.2.A The Board of Trustees
1.2.B The President
1.2.C The Provost
1.2.D Other Administrative and Academic Officers
1.2.E The Professoriate
1.2.F The Academic Council
1.2.G The Advisory Board of the Academic Council
1.2.H The Senate of the Academic Council
1.2.I Committee Structure of the University
1.2.J The Departmental Professoriate
1.2.K Academic Staff and Other Teaching Staff

Chapter 2. Appointments, Reappointments and Promotions in the Professoriate

2.1 Academic Council Professoriate: The Tenure Line

2.1.A General Information
2.1.B Titles and Ranks in the Tenure Line
2.1.C Duration of Appointments
2.1.D Tenure
2.1.E Process for Extending the Appointments

2.2 Academic Council Professoriate: The Non-Tenure Line

2.2.A General Information
2.2.B Titles and Ranks in the Non-Tenure Line
2.2.C Duration of Appointments

2.3 Senior Fellows and Center Fellows in Designated Policy Centers and Institutes

2.3.A General Information
2.3.B Senior Fellows
2.3.C Center Fellows

2.4 Medical Center Line Professoriate

2.4.A General Information
2.4.B Titles and Ranks in the Medical Center Line
2.4.C Duration of Appointments

2.5 Extending Term Appointments

2.5.A Circumstances that May Extend Appointments in the Tenure Line
2.5.B Circumstances that Do Not Extend Appointment in the Non-Tenure Line,
the Medical Center Line and for Senior Fellows

2.5.C Circumstances that May Extend Appointments in the Non-Tenure Line,
the Medical Center Line and for Sr. Fellows

2.5.D Process for Extending Appointments

2.6 Special Appointment Designations and Considerations

2.6.A “Subject to Ph.D.” Appointments
2.6.B Joint and Multidisciplinary Appointments
2.6.C Coterminous Appointments
2.6.D Part-time Appointments
2.6.E Courtesy Appointments
2.6.F Appointments to Endowed Professorships
2.6.G Recall of Emeriti Faculty to Active Duty

2.7 Appointment, Reappointment and Promotion Procedures

2.7.A General Appointment Procedures
2.7.B Additional Policies and Procedures
2.7.C Searches and Search Waivers
2.7.D Transitions Between Faculty Lines
2.7.E Recommendations for Appointment, Reappointment, or Promotion
2.7.F Confidentiality
2.7.G Appointments at Other Institutions
2.7.H Close Relatives of the Faculty

2.8 Additional Policies

2.8.A Junior Faculty Counseling and Mentoring
2.8.B Access to Personnel Files
2.8.C Negative Reappointment or Promotion Decisions

Chapter 3. Sabbaticals and Other Leaves of Absence Applicable to the Academic Council and Medical Center Professoriates

3.1 General Policies Applicable to Leaves and Other Absences From Campus

3.1.A Limitations of Leaves
3.1.B Short Absences
3.1.C Supplemental School Policies and Practices

3.2. Sabbatical Leave

3.2.A Purpose
3.2.B Sabbatical Leave Request
3.2.C Appointments at Other Institutions
3.2.D Service Accrual Toward Sabbatical Leave
3.2.E Calculation Sabbatical Leave Duration and Rate of Pay
3.2.F Return to Service Following Sabbatical Leave
3.2.G Borrowing Sabbatical Leave Eligibility

3.3. Leave Without Salary

3.3.A Requesting a Leave Without Salary
3.3.B Reviewing a Request for Leave Without Salary
3.3.C Appointments at Other Institutions
3.3.D Effect on an Appointment for a Term of Years
3.3.E Effect on the Tenure Clock and Appointment Clock Deadlines
3.3.F Period of Partial Unpaid Leave

3.4 Period of Pure Research Leave

3.4.A Requesting a Period of Pure Research Leave
3.4.B Reviewing a Request for Period of Pure Research Leave
3.4.C Effect on Sabbatical Leave Service Accrual

3.5 Family and Medical Leave Policy

3.5.A Pregnancy Disability Leave
3.5.B Reduced Teaching and Clinical Duties for New Parents
3.5.C Childcare Leave
3.5.D Family and Medical Leave
3.5.E Family Temporary Disability
3.5.F Short-Term and Long-Term Disability

Chapter 4. Core Policy Statements

4.1. Statement of Faculty Appeal Procedures

4.1.A Definitions and Standards
4.1.B Appeals Concerning Reappointment and Promotion Decisions
4.1.C Other Appeals
4.1.D General Provisions

4.2. Statement on Academic Freedom

4.3. Statement on Faculty Discipline

4.3.A Definitions and Standards

4.3.B Initiating the Process
4.3.C The Evidentiary Hearing
4.3.D The Final Hearing Before the Advisory Board
4.3.E The Decision of the Advisory Board
4.3.F The Decision of the President
4.3.G Rules of General Application

4.4. Statement on Appointment and Tenure

4.4.A Terms of Academic Appointment
4.4.B Security of Appointment and Tenure
4.4.C Appointments
4.4.D Tenure by Length of Service
4.4.E Prior Notice of Non-Renewal
4.4.F Dismissal
4.4.G Applicability Provision

Chapter 5. Salary, Benefits, and Retirement

5.1. Compensation

5.1.A Approval of Faculty Salaries
5.1.B Salary Payment
5.1.C Supplementary Compensation Policy

5.2. Benefits

5.2.A Health and Welfare Benefits
5.2.B Housing
5.2.C Moving Allowance
5.2.D Identification Cards
5.2.E Travel Expenses
5.2.F Retirement
5.2.G Emeritus Status

Chapter 6. Appointments Policies and Procedures for Academic Staff-Teaching

I. Terms of Appointment
A. Lecturer Appointments
B. Senior Lecturer Appointments
C. Additional Comments on Continuing Term Appointments
D. Artist-in-Residence Appointments
II. Procedures for Appointments, Reappointments and Promotions
A. Search Procedures
B. Appointment Percentage of Time Considerations
C. A Note on Visas
III. Prior Notice of Non-renewal and Termination

Chapter 7. Leave Policies for Academic Staff-Teaching

I. Professional Development Leave Program for Senior Lecturers
II. Family and Medical Leave
A. Maternity Leave
B. Family and Medical Leave

Chapter 8. Core Policy Statements for Academic Staff-Teaching

I. Statement on Academic Freedom
II.Grievance Procedures for the Academic Staff

Chapter 9. Other Teaching Titles

I. Titles
A.Acting Appointments
B.Visiting Appointments
C. Consulting Appointments
D.(By courtesy) Appointments
E. Voluntary Clinical Appointments
F. Teaching Specialist
G. Professor of the Practice
H. Adjunct Appointments
II. Procedures for Appointments and Reappointments
A. Procedures
B. Notice of Non-renewal or Termination


Appendix A: Faculty Application for Leave of Absence

Appendix AA: Senior Lecturers: Applications for Leave of Absence

Appendix B: Appointment Forms

Appendix C: Recommendation for Amendment to Professorial Appointment Form

Appendix D: Appointment Form for Lecturers and Other Teaching Staff

Appendix E: Appointment Form for Senior Lecturer or Artist-in-Residence

Appendix F: Application for New Parent Tenure Clock Extension for Tenure-Line Academic Council Faculty and New Parent Appointment Extension for Non-Tenure-Line Academic Council and Medical Center Line Faculty

Appendix G: Application for Reduced Teaching or Clinical Duties for New Faculty Parents

Appendix H: Notice of Intent to Retire and Application to Participate in the Faculty Retirement Incentive Program -FRIP

Provider: Faculty Affairs, Office of the Provost, Stanford University

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