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— Dan Rather interveiws Chris Field, director of Global Ecology, about climate change. The interview was published by the Huffington Post. more »


— “I started out thinking that it was all about information, and if we only got the right information to the right people, then the right things would happen,” Ken Caldeira tells WIRED Magazine." more »


— 50 years after the first U.S. president was warned about climate change, it is "the defining issue of our time," Department of Global Ecology Director Chris Field told attendees. more »


— “This is humanity as a geologic force,” Ken Caldeira tells the New York Times. “We’re not a subtle influence on the climate system – we are really hitting it with a hammer.” more »


Ken Caldeira warns against the use of geoengineering, calls research into it an "act of desperation on the part of scientists." more »


— PBS Interviews Chris Field at the Peru Climate Talks (at 6:30) more »


Read Newsweek's coverage of Greg Asner's forest mapping work in Peru more »


— Listen to Chris Field's interview about the latest IPCC climate report on CCTV ( at about 2:50) more »


Greg Asner 's gold mining work in Peru is featured in the Economist more »


Anna Michalak explains more about Lake Erie algae problem on PBS News Hour (at 2 min.) more »


— Watch Anna Michalak's interview on PBS News Hour about the algal bloom in Lake Erie causing water problems in Toledo more »


— Read the LA Times featuring Ken Caldeira's study about beef and climate change more »


Watch Ken Caldeira address climate change on Fox News. more »


Forbes discusses the letter Ken Caldeira and others wrote embracing nuclear energy to help combat global warming. more »


Times-Herald Interview with Greg Asner About the Ecological Crisis in the Amazon. more »


National Geographic quotes Greg Asner about gold mining in Peru 10-28-13 more »


Luis Fernandez's work on mercury pollution in Peru is covered by the Huffington Post. more »


Ken Caldiera and Chris Field are quoted in the Washington Post about geoengineering research. more »


Read Chris Field's special to CNN about climate change. more »


Listen to NPR's feature about Ken Caldeira's climate change research. more »


The Economist coversScott Loarie and Greg Asner's study showing that male lions hunt after all. more »


Read about Anna Michalak's work on extreme algal blooms in Lake Erie in the Huffington Post. more »


Luis Fernandez's work on mercury pollution in Peru is covered by the Huffington more »


NPR Follows Ken Caldeira on his Great Barrier Reef Research, 3-22-13 more »

Chris Field on CNN's "Light Years" discusses the consequences of climate change. more »


Chris Field is on NBC Nightly News about CA snowpack and climage change. more »


Greg Asner is featured on the BBC about his airborne mapping. more »


See spectacularAirborne Observatory mapping images in Revolve Magazine. more »


Read Chris Field 's special to CNN, "Climate Change is Real." more »


Greg Asneris featured in Wired about the Carnegie Airborne Observatory more »


Ken Caldeira appeared on Forum at KQED and discussed "The Future of Wind Power" more »


Chris Field testified before congress about adapting to climate change more »


Chris Field is quoted on CNN about the connection between weather extremes and climate change more »


Ken Caldeira discusses geoengineering with the New Yorker more »


Chris Field was interviewed by NPR about the link between climate change and changing weather more »


Carnegie's Chris Field is widely quoted about the UN report linking climate change to extreme weather more »