• The presidential issue of Pathways explores the positions that the candidates are advancing on matters of poverty, mobility, and inequality.
  • Building a new administrative-data infrastructure to monitor trends in labor market outcomes and to develop new capacities to evaluate programs and policies.
  • Announcing the 2015-16 New Scholar Grant competition winners: Keith Gunnar Bentele, Kendra Bischoff, Deirdre Bloome, Siwei Cheng, Amy Hsin, Alexandra K. Murphy, Brian Thiede, and Kristin Turney. Congratulations to all!
  • Using administrative data to monitor opportunities to get ahead in the U.S.
  • Monitoring 14 key sites representing different types of U.S. poverty.

CPI News & Events

  • How does the U.S. stack up against peer countries on labor market outcomes? CPI research group leader Michael Hout addresses this question in the first of our new nine-part video series on the “State of the Union” on poverty and inequality... More
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  • Income segregation rose modestly from 2007 to 2012, continuing the trend of rising income segregation that began in the 1980s, according to a new report from CPI research leader Sean Reardon and CPI New Scholar winner Kendra Bischoff. The... More
  • The Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality is pleased to announce the 2016 “presidential issue” of Pathways Magazine. Coedited with Ron Haskins of the Brookings Institution, the issue is devoted to exploring the positions that the... More
  • New research by CPI research group leader Raj Chetty shows that growing up in poverty affects boys more than girls. Poor boys are more likely than poor girls to become jobless adults. Read the Washington Post write-up Read the working... More