Class of 2016

Oleksandr Akymenko ('16)

Oleksandr Akymenko

Lyle and Corrine Nelson International Fellow
Publisher,, Kyiv, Ukraine, @akymenko_o

Challenge: How can we make media organizations successful in developing markets?

Nathalie Alvaray ('16)

Nathalie Alvaray

Yahoo! International Fellow
Director of content,, Caracas, Venezuela, @nathahari

Challenge: How can we help journalists and news organizations navigate change?

Sarah Alvarez ('16)

Sarah Alvarez

Former senior producer and reporter, Michigan Radio, Ann Arbor, Mich., @SarahAlvarezMI

Challenge: How do we fill the information gaps faced by low-income news consumers?

Susan Cagle ('16)

Susie Cagle

Independent reporter and illustrator, Oakland, Calif., @susie_c

Challenge: How can we better support the growing field of professional media freelancers?

Jenée Desmond-Harris ('16)

Jenée Desmond-Harris

Former staff writer,, Washington, D.C., @jdesmondharris

Challenge: What are the best practices for journalists covering race in America?

Jacob Fenton ('16)

Jacob Fenton

Former editorial engineer, Sunlight Foundation, Washington, D.C.

Challenge: How can journalists capture structured data from repetitive scanned-in forms?

Liz Gannes ('16)

Liz Gannes

Senior editor, Re/code, San Francisco, @lizgannes

Challenge: How can we use location as a layer and a filter for displaying and distributing news?

Aaron Glantz ('16)

Aaron Glantz

Veterans reporter, The Center for Investigative Reporting, Emeryville, Calif., @Aaron_Glantz

Challenge: How can we deliver public interest journalism that cuts through the noise?

Ling Huawei ('16)

Huawei Ling

Enlight Foundation Fellow
Managing editor, Caixin Weekly, Beijing

Challenge: How can we structure news organizations to support innovation and restore the influence of quality journalism?

Astrid Maier ('16)

Astrid Maier

Tech editor, manager magazin, Hamburg, Germany, @MaierAstrid

Challenge: How might we find new paths to empower women in newsrooms to take on leadership positions?

Tonya Mosley ('16)

Tonya Mosley

Broadcast contributor, Al Jazeera America, Seattle, @tonyamosley

Challenge: How might understanding the implications of unconscious bias improve journalism?

Kristen Muller ('16)

Kristen Muller

Senior managing editor, Southern California Public Radio, Los Angeles, @KrisMul

Challenge: How can local newsrooms be more useful to their audiences during crises?

Jacqueline Park ('16)

Jacqueline Park

Executive director, The Walkley Foundation, Sydney, @jaquipark

Challenge: What support do journalists need to build sustainable new media ventures?

Daniela Pinheiro ('16)

Daniela Pinheiro

Knight Foundation Latin American Fellow
Senior reporter, Revista Piauí, Rio de Janeiro, @danielavelho

Challenge: How can we keep existing readers while also attracting new audiences?

Tracie Powell ('16)

Tracie Powell

Founder and editor, All Digitocracy, Washington, D.C., @TMPowell

Challenge: How can newsrooms make better use of data to grow audience, particularly among increasingly diverse markets?

Naomi Starkman ('16)

Naomi Starkman

Founder and editor-in-chief, Civil Eats, Sonoma County, Calif., @naomistarkman

Challenge: How can we make food policy news part of our daily media diet?

Matilde Suescun ('16)

Matilde Suescun

Director, digital, community empowerment initiatives, Univision, Miami, @matisu19

Challenge: How can we make content about education more relevant to Spanish-speaking audiences?

Craig Timberg ('16)

Craig Timberg

National technology reporter, The Washington Post, Washington, D.C., @craigtimberg

Challenge: How can we put foreign correspondence on sound financial footing in a digital news marketplace?

Subramaniam Vincent ('16)

Subramaniam Vincent

Managing director/editor-in-chief, Oorvani Media, Bangalore, India, @subbuvincent

Challenge: How can city newsrooms track ongoing public issues and proceedings ahead of the reporting process?