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Interlibrary borrowing

We can help you borrow books, articles, or other materials that Stanford does not have (so be sure to check SearchWorks or consult with a librarian first!). Check to make sure that you're eligible to use interlibrary services and that the materials are eligible to be borrowed.

What can I borrow?

You can get most published materials through Interlibrary Borrowing. 

You cannot use Interlibrary Borrowing to request materials already owned by Stanford Libraries. This includes items that are:

  • Checked out (instead, submit a recall request in the SearchWorks record for that item)
  • Missing from the shelf (instead, request a missing item search at the Circulation Desk)
  • Items from Stanford's Libraries for delivery to you when you are away from campus

Materials generally not available through Interlibrary Borrowing include:

  • Textbooks
  • Entire issues of periodicals (due to copyright law)
  • Reference materials
  • Rare books
  • Books published before 1800



Interlibrary Borrowing can help you obtain materials that are unavailable at Stanford, provided they support the teaching, learning, research, or other University-related work of Stanford faculty, students, staff, or visiting scholars. For personal items, please use your public library.