Other Programs

Seminars Series and Symposia

Beckman funding has supported numerous seminar series and symposia, including:

  • The Annual Beckman Symposium
  • Beckman Translational Research Symposium
  • Frontiers in Biological Research: Developmental Biology
  • Frontiers in Biological Research: Genetics
  • Frontiers in Biological Research: Biochemistry
  • Frontiers in Biological Research: Neuroscience
  • Microbiology and Immunology Seminar Series
  • Molecular and Cellular Physiology Seminar Series
  • Structural Biology Seminar Series
  • Immunology Seminar Series
  • Neuroscience Institute Seminar Series
  • Unsolved Mysteries in Medical Research (New)
  • Bioengineering and Biodesign seminar series (New)
  • Cancer Biology Seminar Series (New)
  • "On the Fly" Seminar Series
  • Frontiers in Integrative Microbial Biology Seminar Series

Technology Innovation Mini-Grants

For the purpose of supporting technological innovation that may be broadly applicable to the research community at Stanford, the Beckman Center provides mini-grants to graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and faculty who wish to engage the services of the Beckman core facilities in new or experimental approaches, techniques, or processes that are not supported by other funding sources.

For consideration, a brief description of the new or experimental approach, technique, or process must be submitted to the individual facility manager, including an estimate of the facility resources needed to carry out the proposed work. Decisions to fund the proposed work under this program reside exclusively with the facility managers. Funding levels will also be established by facility managers.

The Beckman core facilities and their managers are: