Stanford Cardiovascular Institute Seed Grant Program

Just as our lives depend upon our beating hearts, seed grants are at the very core of the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute. With these essential funds, we allow our investigators the latitude to pursue the boldest and potentially most rewarding ideas. Novel, creative science can open the door to discovery and new treatments for cardiovascular disease.

The Cardiovascular Institute brings together basic and clinical scientists and physicians to address interdisciplinary themes that link the laboratory to the bedside, that facilitate, augment and catalyze the basic, translational, and clinical research of the School's and the University's faculty, clinical centers (or "service lines") at the Stanford Hospital and Clinics (SHC), and the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital (LPCH) to improve human health.

In supporting and enhancing basic research, the Cardiovascular Institute has undertaken a complex, multidisciplinary approach that supersedes traditional academic departmental structures to advance treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The Institute carries out its mission by providing leadership, educational opportunities, incremental research funding; by fostering interdisciplinary scientific interactions and fellowships; and through administrative support, faculty billets, and space.

Supporting High-Potential Research Through Research Funding

The foundation of scientific discovery is investigator-initiated basic research that pursues creative new directions. The Cardiovascular Institute aims to foster an environment that engages basic and clinical faculty in collaborative research activities that enhance basic research. Cardiovascular Institute seed grants support high-potential research that could create new fundamental knowledge and to translate cardiovascular research from the laboratory to the patient.