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Beating Cardiomyocytes

A healthy heart will beat more than two billion times in a life-time, nourishing every tissue in our body. Pumping blood cells an equivalent of 12,000 miles in one day— that’s four times the distance from Silicon Valley to New York.

Generous donations support research and education dedicated to understanding the healthy human heart and heart disease. Implementing research into patient-care is Stanford Medicine.

Ways to Give

Direct Gifts

Individuals with a passion for cardiovascular medicine and research often make contributions directly to the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute. If you would like to speak to someone first, please contact Dr. Ingrid Ibarra (Assistant Director of the CVI) by phone (650) 725-7964 or by email:  If you would like to make a gift by personal check, please make it payable to "Stanford University" and indicate that the donation is to support the Cardiovascular Institute.

Mail your payment to:
Stanford Cardiovascular Institute
c/o Development Services
P.O. Box 20466
Stanford, CA 94309

Giving by credit card on Stanford's secure Giving to Stanford website is an increasingly popular option. 

All gifts and donations for the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute is processed by The Office of Medical Development.

Medical Center Development
Phone: (650) 725-2504

Gifts to the Institute may be designated as either expendable or endowed. An expendable fund means that the principal is used for the purpose designated by the donor. This type of giving is an excellent way for you to make an immediate impact in areas such as student financial aid and research.

An endowed fund is a permanent source of support. Such gifts are invested by the University to generate annual income, and a portion of the return on the fund is used to support the purpose chosen by the donor. The balance of interest and the appreciation remains in the fund so that the principal continues to grow and keep pace with inflation.

The permanence of an endowed fund, and your ability to name the fund after anyone you choose, makes this type of giving an excellent vehicle for honoring or memorializing someone important to you.


Transferring appreciated marketable stock to Stanford is a good option if you wish to support an area of medical research while reducing your tax bill. Individuals who transfer stock can receive a charitable tax deduction and avoid capital gains tax.

Planned Gifts

Planned gifts include a variety of gifts with special tax implications, including gifts through your estate (in your will or revocable trust) and life income gifts. Life income gifts allow you to transfer assets now (cash, securities, or real estate) and receive income for a period of time with the remainder going to Stanford.

By including the Stanford Cardiovascular Institute in your financial planning, you provide a gift that will live on and benefit future generations.

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