General Cardiology Faculty

Welcome to General Cards Inpatient Services

A few tips:

  1. Residents report is locked in at 10:00 am so it is essential that all patient rounds and walking rounds be completed if possible. Work rounds start at 8:00 am in the General Cardiology workroom on D1.

  2. Please write discharge orders, (pended), the evening before an anticipated discharge so that the orders can be activated quickly during work rounds.  Deadline 10:00 a.m.  It is important to put in new discharge meds the day before discharge so it can be determined if insurance is approved.

  3. Early discharge orders at the start of work rounds, and chest pain patients are highest priority.

  4. Remember your “face cards” and business cards, patients like them.

  5. We will be providing in a more organized way student, resident objectives with back-up web sites, teaching ECG’s, etc. to facilitate that your coverage of the major topics.  This will be tricky since 3 different attending may attend during a resident or student rotation (more to come).

  6. The in-hospital EPIC formulary continues to cause problems since the patient on atorvastatin or rosuvastatatin gets switched to simvastin on admission to the hospital and it is easy to forget to restart it on discharge.

  7. There is a real push (welcome) to involve the patient’s nurse at the time of your rounding visit.  Please make every attempt to find them.

  8. You will receive another copy of this just before you start your rotation.

  9. Notify any standard cardiologist who has been involved with the patient’s care. Be sure discharge summary goes to cardiologist, not just PCP.

  10. Please exchange cell #’s at start of rotation.