Types of Funding

Institutional aid

Due to institutional resources being limited, Stanford University School of Medicine holds the policy that the primary responsibility for financing a student’s education rests with the family to the extent of demonstrated ability.

You are considered financially dependent upon both your biological parents, even if they do not claim you as a dependent. This applies regardless of your marital status, or the fact that you may have been self-supporting for a number of years.

Exception: Students who are 30 years old by the start of the academic year are considered independent and will not be required to provide parental information.

The Need Access Application and your parents’ latest federal income tax returns are used to determine the parental contribution. The formula takes into consideration your parents':

  • Taxable income (wages or salaries, interest and dividends)
  • Untaxed income (social security benefits, veteran benefits, voluntary annual contributions to tax deferred savings, workers compensations)
  • Assets (savings, investments of all kind, stocks and bonds, stock options)
  • Age
  • Number of dependents
  • Number of dependents in college*
  • Federal and state income taxes paid
  • An allowance, which varies according to family size.

*The calculation of parental contribution may be affected by the number of children enrolled in college (excludes parents enrolled in college). As a result of this, the amount of the expected parental contribution will vary from student to student and may change year to year.

Information from Separated or Divorced Parents

For the purposes of determining Stanford-based financial aid only, each natural parent must submit financial information and the required tax forms.

Estrangement from Parents

If it is not possible for you to secure information from a parent due to absolute estrangement, you may complete an absolute estrangement waiver from the School of Medicine Financial Aid Office. Professional third-party verification of the circumstances is required. If approved, this parent's information will be waived each succeeding year that you are on financial aid.

Verification of Sibling/Spouse Enrollment in College

  1. Only siblings under the age of 26 that are attending college at least half time for a minimum of one semester or two quarters in the current academic year may be counted as dependents on the FAFSA and Need Access Application.

  2. Verification of sibling enrollment will be required during the winter quarter of the current academic year. Failure to provide certification of a sibling's enrollment in college by the specified deadline and/or when the sibling is no longer enrolled in college will result in the financial aid office will recalculating the student's Stanford aid eligibility.

  3. Students may complete the verification form provided by the Financial Aid Office or they may have their sibling/spouse request that the National Student Clearing House provide proof of enrollment (for a nominal fee and this option is only available if the sibling/spouse's school participates in this program).