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An Ongoing Education

Hear MLA student Lisa Lapin on her reasons for applying to the program, and on her surprise at what she discovers in her seminars.

Changing the Formula

MLA graduate David Blazevich recounts an ‘a-ha’ moment from the program.

Core Curriculum

MLA faculty and students describe the first year and a quarter of required classes.

Family and the MLA Program

You can do it all. MLA students discuss the benefits and challenges of balancing family time and their MLA studies.

Intellectual Journeys

MLA student Pat Nicholson talks about the intellectual and cultural opportunities provided by MLA seminars abroad

MLA Commencement

MLA alumni and faculty share their views on this day of celebration - and on the extraordinary accomplishments of the graduates.

MLA Seminar Highlight

Professor Jay Bhattacharya describes his popular MLA seminar, “The Economics of Life and Death."

MLA Seminars

Why are Stanford MLA seminars exceptional? Students and faculty share their experiences.

MLA Thesis

The culmination of the program is the Master's thesis. Here's what thesis writers have to say.

My Thesis Story

MLA graduate Jean Collier Hurley gives one student's experience of writing a thesis from initial idea to final submission -- and beyond.