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Departments & Programs


Shaping topography with tectonics and erosional processes.

By pairing geomorphic mapping with topographic analysis in locations with unique or quantifiable tectonic histories we are able to gain insight into the relationships between erosional processes and topographic growth. 

Earthquakes and Earth Structure

This research seeks to understand how the repeated action of earthquakes builds the structures observed in the geologic record.
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Linking erosion to tectonics

This project explores how patterns of deformation observed near Earth's surface may be moderated in part by erosion.

Prospective students

Interested in becoming a part of the STGL? Contact us at and see the GES graduate admissions page for further information.

In the Stanford Tectonic Geomorphology Lab our research centers on exploring interactions between tectonic, geomorphic, and geochemical processes at scales ranging from individual landforms to entire mountain belts. Check out our research page for more information.