Eric M. Dunham

Associate Professor
Department of Geophysics and
Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering
Stanford University
Stanford Geophysics
397 Panama Mall
Mitchell Building, 3rd floor
Stanford, CA 94305

tel: (650) 725-6989
FAX: (650) 725-7344

Population growth is increasingly bringing more people into areas prone to natural hazards, especially earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions—as the events of the past few years have demonstrated. Motivated by both the desire to reduce risk and an innate curiosity about how the natural world operates, my personal research focuses on the development and use of physics-based computational simulations to characterize and understand earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes. With a background in theoretical physics and mathematics, my approach is to identify the fundamental mechanical processes governing the system, develop numerical models incorporating these processes, validate them using geophysical observations, and then use the models to make predictions about system behavior in parts of parameter space that are poorly understood (e.g., ground shaking at close distances to the fault from large magnitude earthquakes).


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Curriculum Vitae

Research group members


Graduate students
Bo Prochnow (coterm MS student, 2015-present), numerical methods for axisymmetric wave propagation in volcanic conduits
Chao Liang (PhD student, 2015-present), waves in fluid-filled cracks, application to hydraulic fractures in oil and gas industry and to volcanoes
Leighton Watson (PhD student, 2014-present), marine seismic sources (airguns), infrasound from volcanic eruptions
Kali Allison (PhD student, 2012-present), thermomechanical earthquake cycle modeling
Gabe Lotto (PhD student, 2012-present), tsunami generation from offshore earthquakes, MS ICME (Computational Geosciences) 2014
Sam Bydlon (PhD student, 2011-present), seismic scattering, earthquake source complexity, and strong ground motion
Brad Lipovsky (PhD student, 2011-present), glacial seismicity, resonant vibrations of fluid-filled cracks
Ossian O'Reilly (PhD student, 2011-present), numerical methods for wave propagation along fluid-filled cracks

Undergraduate students

Former group members
Kenneth Duru (2012-2015), postdoc, numerical methods for 3D seismic wave propagation and earthquake rupture dynamics, currently postdoc at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
Alex Kinsella (2013-2014), BS Physics, frequency-dependent radiation patterns from earthquakes on nonplanar faults, currently PhD student, University of California at Santa Barbara
Paul Summers (2013-2014), MS Geophysics, volcanic tremor, conduit flow, and repeating earthquakes, currently at DropBox
Leif Karlstrom (2012-2014), NSF Earth Sciences postdoc, wave propagation in magma columns accounting for gravity and time-dependent gas exsolution, currently Assistant Professor, Department of Geological Sciences, University of Oregon
Daniel Trugman (2012-2013), BS Geophysics with Honors, pseudodynamic rupture generator, currently PhD student at UC San Diego
Brittany A. Erickson (2010-2012), NSF Earth Sciences postdoc, earthquake cycles in sedimentary basins, currently Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Portland State University
Zijun Fang (2010-2011), postdoc, fault roughness and crustal stress levels, currently Geomechanicist, ConocoPhillips
Jeremy E. Kozdon (2009-2012), NSF CI TRaCS postdoc, numerical methods for earthquake rupture dynamics, subduction zone megathrust earthquakes, currently Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics, Naval Postgraduate School

Last updated: February 10, 2016