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    Dr. Renate Fruchter to receive the 2013 ASCE Computing in Civil Engineering Award


    The PBL Lab is the home of a unique, innovative, integrated research and curriculum development effort launched in 1993 in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford University.

    The PBL Lab's Goal is to be world leaders in Global Teamwork together with our partners.


    Our Mission is to engage graduate and undergraduate students, faculty, and industry practitioners in multi-disciplinary, collaborative, geographically distributed PBL activities. PBL is a process of teaching and learning that focuses on problem based, project centered activities that produce a product for a client. PBL will be based on re-engineering processes that bring people from multiple disciplines together.

    Our Objectives are to develop, implement, test, deploy, and assess radically new and innovative

    that support collaborative, cross-disciplinary, geographically distributed teamwork and learning.