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StartX is a non-profit organization whose mission is to accelerate the development of Stanford's top entrepreneurs through experiential education.

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A Community for Founders

StartX alumni represent some of Stanford's best entrepreneurs in fields from cleantech and biotech to consumer internet and enterprise software. Our founders are diverse, including undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, professors, staff, and alumni. We are proud to be building a community of top Stanford founders.

Our founders’ companies have been acquired by the likes of Twitter, Dropbox, Intuit, Apple, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Palantir, Salesforce and Instagram. They have raised funding from top firms such as Greylock Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Benchmark Capital, and Google Ventures.

They have been featured in major news publications, including Bloomberg, Forbes, Fortune, NBC, The New York Times, TIME, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post, as well as TED Talks and the Harvard Business Review.


World-Class Mentorship

StartX benefits from the support and participation of the best mentors in Silicon Valley, ranging from entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to industry experts. We benefit from access to faculty and lecturers from the Stanford community including the Engineering, Business, Medical, and Design Schools. We have a large network of experts in a wide range of industries and functions who help founders with everything from pricing models and marketing to FDA consulting and sales.

StarX mentors provide founders with guidance and advice based on your specific needs through calls, lectures, and informal meetings. You will not only gain access to their unique networks, but also be provided the guidance you need to start your company off on the right track.

  • "I've mentored several terrific StartX companies over the past year. StartX has some amazing and truly dedicated staff members. Many, many times the StartX team is working side by side with their startups at 9pm or later. It's a great program which I definitely recommend."

  • "StartX is from Stanford student entrepreneurs and for Stanford student entrepreneurs. I’ve been impressed with the quality of students going through the program, the progress they make and the support they receive from staff and other volunteers. With its educational mission, the StartX experience is nothing a Stanford class or a commercial incubator could match."

  • "StartX is a great place for all levels of entrepreneurs. I've been involved with six startups at all levels including multiple times as a CEO and as a founder and can say that having the community and mentorship that StartX provides is beneficial for anyone, regardless of how much experience a founder has."

  • Mike.cassidy
    Mike Cassidy Serial Entrepreneur Xfire, Direct Hit, etc.,
  • Konstantin.guericke
    Konstantin Guericke Co-Founder LinkedIn
  • Milt.mccoll
    Milt McColl Founder Gauss Surgical

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StartX is proud to partner with a number of organizations that share our mission to accelerate the development of entrepreneurs through experiential education and collective intelligence.

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