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Server Hosting

University IT provides hosting services for campus clients who want to operate their equipment in a secure, centrally managed data center.

This controlled environment is run as a university resource, providing secure and reliable services for university communications, computing, and data applications.

Hosting services include:

  • Secured entry
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Access to SUNet services
  • Access to SAN and NAS services
  • Controlled humidity and temperature
  • Monitored environmental control systems
  • Fire detection and fire suppression
  • Water intrusion sensors
  • Sufficient power for all installed equipment
  • An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to protect against power anomalies
  • Battery backup and standby generators to maintain normal operations during a utility outage
  • Preexisting, standard 19-inch racks with full cable management
  • Installation services
  • Receiving services
  • Inventory services, including demand management

Getting started

Requests for server/hardware installations, cabling, and removal of hardware must be submitted via the University IT OrderIT Portal.

This service is available by subscription and is charged monthly to your department’s IT Services bill. For ordering assistance, please call the Service Desk at (650) 725-HELP, Option 2.

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Last modified February 5, 2016