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IT Services Strategy Documents

IT Services manages the university’s central information technology infrastructure and provides hundreds of services and applications for use in academic, research, and business activities. Its solutions are reliable, secure, keep pace with technology advances, and enable high-quality client support services. They reduce the IT overhead needed within departments and help Stanford meet its regulatory compliance, institutional policy, and risk management objectives. As part of the continual forward-thinking that is necessary to maintain and improve enterprise IT services within the budgetary framework of the university, the division adheres to an overarching Strategic Plan.

This site includes a Strategic Plan that provides an overview of the organization's future state, rationale, and client experiences, as well as current and future roadmaps.

These documents are reviewed and updated regularly, and were created with the help of many contributors. (Note that this is not an official list of the services that are offered to the university; for those services, please refer to the Service Catalog.)

For more information about IT Services, please see our Home Page.