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Safety & Compliance Assistance Program


Stanford EH&S offers a variety of programs & services to ensure that we all have a safe place to learn, live and work. In this section you will find information on everything from preparing for an earthquake to setting up your computer workstation; from what to pour on a fire to what not to pour down the drain. Please visit other sections of our site if you are looking for information specific to laboratories, construction or waste management, supervisors, training, inspections.

Stanford Injury & Illness Prevention Program

Hazard Communication Program
(for non-researchers who use or come into contact with hazardous substances during their work)

Ergonomics (safe lifting, computer use, etc.)

Emergency Preparedness Program

Fire Safety Program

AED Program

Asbestos & Lead Programs

Required Training for Laboratory Workers

Use Proper Handwashing Techniques -- Protect Your Health

Links to relevant programs and topics

Occupational Health and Safety

Reproductive and Developmental Health Protection Program

Employee & Labor Relations Guidelines

Restriction of Pets and other Animals in Stanford University Buildings

Exclusion of Minors in the Workplace at Stanford University (10/02)

Health & Safety Requirements for Minors in Laboratories at Stanford University

Medical Clearance Requirement for Minors Working with Research Animals

Hepatitis B Vaccination Status for Minors Working with Human Blood or Other Potentially Infectious Materials

Stanford University Programs for Minors

Vehicle Safety

Golf Carts

  1. Administrative Guide Memo 28.8 - Acquisition and Use of Golf-Cart Type Vehicles for University employees and Students
  2. Safety Guidelines
  3. Departmental Golf Cart-Type Vehicle Operator's Agreement


  1. SU Parking & Transportation Services - Bicycling at Stanford