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Stanford’s Sponsorship Policy

Planning an event on campus can be an involved process. Please review these requirements and contact the Office of Special Events & Protocol with questions. Before confirming whether an event can be held on the University campus, it is important to appropriately identify a Stanford sponsor. Various tax-exempt, financial, insurance, liability, public safety, and other risk management issues for the University may need to be reviewed.

In order to have an event on campus there must be a Stanford “Sponsor.”

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Definition of “Sponsor”

A University sponsor IS:

A University “sponsor” is NOT:

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Stanford Sponsor: Event Planning Requirements

The University Sponsor must also:

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Co-Sponsors (unaffiliated): General Requirements

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High Profile/High Impact Events

If you are planning a high profile event (e.g., one that has a visiting dignitary, celebrity or other such person speaking or in attendance) additional steps may be required before approval.

Any other questions or concerns not mentioned above regarding the proposed event should be reviewed early in the process with the Office of Special Events & Protocol before proceeding with the planning process, particularly if this is a large, high profile event.

Security and safety requirements for High Profile/High Impact Events:

  • The proposing sponsor must notify the Office of Special Events & Protocol and the Stanford Department of Public Safety.
  • Review with these departments any additional requirements regarding special arrangements and identify any other risk management concerns.
  • The sponsor must agree to assume all financial costs associated with any required/identified security arrangements necessary for an approved event.
  • In certain cases, further review may also be required by the Stanford Risk Management Department.

With events that have a high level of complexity and competing interests/requirements, a written agreement with keynote speakers for example, should be secured. (See also: Speakers Release form.)

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Event Planning Services/Resources We Can Provide

OSEP provides policy guidance and planning assistance to Stanford sponsors to ensure a successful event. Some core event planning services we provide are listed below:

For questions and assistance in planning your next event, please contact the Office of Special Events & Protocol.

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