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Venue Reservation Guide

Reserving Space Overview & PE 100 Completion

For Schools, departments and institutes (non-student groups) planning events outside of their own facilities.

Steps to Event Planning (abbreviated)


Many spaces are available to request online through 25Live. Basic instructions on requesting a venue through this system can be found here.

If your potential venue is not listed in 25Live, email to secure a room/site. For more information on what this request should include, please scroll to the bottom of this linked page: Office of the University Registrar - Events.

Make a note of the reference number in 25Live - this is the Registrar's confirmation number. Sample: 2012 –AAWQRE


Place work requests for cleanup, equipment, etc. These are necessary before you can confirm the space and fill out the PE 100 – APPLICATION FOR USE OF UNIVERSITY FACILITY form.

Please note: Almost all events require an Event Services work request, and a Custodial (indoor events) or Grounds (outdoor events) work request.

Please review the full list of work requests to be sure your event will be fully serviced.

Once completed, enter the work request numbers onto the PE 100 form before submission.


Download a PE 100 Form here.

Please note: You will NOT be able to save the completed PDF form.


Complete and return the PE 100.

Return options:

  • Scan form and email to
  • Fax form to (650) 725-0247
  • Send form via ID Mail to Mail Code 2245
  • Drop off form at:

Office of Special Events & Protocol (OSEP)
Press Building, 425 Santa Teresa Street

IMPORTANT NOTE: No promotion or advertising of the event is permitted until the PE 100 has been filled in and returned to OSEP for final review and approval.

Description of the Event:

Be sure to complete the entire form, including the following:

  • Include in upper right corner = Request Number (this is the number you will have received from Registrar's Scheduling Office that shows the space is being held.

Please include the following information:

  • Give a brief description of and the purpose for the event.
  • Special Guest/High profile speaker? Fee to attend event? (All fees must go directly into paying for SU event expenses. See Event Requirements.
  • Registration online or ticketing services needed? Visit: Stanford Ticket Office for information and assistance.
  • Is the event open to the public?
  • Is there security needed? If you are not sure, visit: Public Safety Resources.
  • Will alcohol be served? See: Alcohol License Policy.
  • Include ALL work order numbers and description, i.e. Event & Labor Services 49876 = table/chairs setup; or Z39485 = cleanup, or SR394877 = custodial.


Be sure to include:

  • Your mail code in the address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

If you have questions contact the Office of Special Events & Protocol (OSEP).


Registered Student Groups

Registered student groups interested in reserving space, please contact Student Activities & Leadership (SAL).

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Use the following links for information on venues.

You can also find information for classrooms, auditoria, and most outdoor spaces on 25Live. Records include the following information:

  • Capacity
  • Special features
  • Photos
    Scheduled events

Registered student groups interested in reserving space, please contact Student Activities & Leadership (SAL).

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