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Stanford Name & Marks Usage Policy

The University is the owner of a number of marks registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Use of the Stanford name and marks in a manner that implies endorsement of programs, products or services of any entity not directly associated with, or licensed in writing by, the University is prohibited. Permission for third parties to use the name “Stanford” or the University's symbols is rarely granted.

Stanford’s “Use-of-Name-and-Marks” policies are administered by the Office of Business Affairs, and are in place to ensure that the University’s various trademarks are used appropriately and accurately by the Stanford community and in accordance with the these policies.

All of Stanford's registered marks, as well as other names, logos, seals and other symbols that are representative of the University or its entities, whether or not registered, are the property of Stanford University. Such names and marks may be used solely with permission of persons having specific authorization by the Board of Trustees or the President of the University, and must be directed to the:

Senior Director of Business Development
and University Privacy Officer

Work phone(s): (650) 724-3658
Work Fax: (650) 725-2432

Requests to use the name Stanford, photographs of the University, or any of its seals, logos, or symbols in advertisements or marketing materials, press releases, movies or television programs must be directed to University Communications.